Lourdes Aguirre:   President
Beginning in 1984 with her real estate license and now working as a political advisor, Ms. Aguirre is a no nonsense & loving leader. Personal website

Lourdes R. Aguirre is a Cuban American who arrived as one of the last Freedom Flights in 1970 and was raised in Los Angeles, California. As a leading Hispanic Evangelical, Political and Business Women, Mrs. Aguirre leads Eres America Media, in order to use the power of media to influence by educating, imparting vision and equipping the Hispanic Community.

Lourdes is the founder and business developer of “Eres America”, an organization developing television, radio and internet-based programs focused on the issues of the Hispanic Community, bringing solutions to their problems through education and resources. Amongst other projects, the following reflects additional successful projects she has executed in her production roles:

  • Co-produced “Tenga Pa’que se Entretenga,” a comedy series with award winning comedian Fernando Arau, (better known from Despierta America morning show in with Univision), which aired in Telemundo NBC Dallas, and NBC channel 41 Los Angeles
  • Eres America host and producer, which aired in Telemuncho Miami, Mega TV and Gen TV

In her personal life, Lourdes recently became a widow. When asked what motivates her heart to fight like a lioness for the things she passionately believes in, she reminds us the process of the eagle when it knows it will die, they decide to either give up or get the courage to process the pain and be renewed. She is that eagle. Yet through this painful process, her family of four daughters, her two grandchildren, and her three son-in-laws, have filled her widowed heart with purpose, vision and mission.

Her goal is to make this world a better place to live in. That’s not just a cliché for Lourdes, it is a way of thinking and a heavy statement. Lourdes Aguirre is certain, with the grace of God, that this generation has the opportunity to live a better tomorrow if we strive to make a difference today, no matter the cost.


  • 1984; Lourdes received her California real estate license
  • Over 25 years as an estate developer of small ventures
  • Real Estate Agent of the Year awards (three consecutive years at the third largest Hispanic owned real estate firm in Los Angeles during the 90’s)
  • Contributed greatly to the community, especially to the Hispanic community in the area of home financing
  • 1995; Development project in South Beach, Bethel Beach Club Resort and Spa (timeshare vacation destination in Surfside, Miami Beach)
    • Together with partner and husband Camilo Aguirre successfully sold the Bethel Beach Club to the Bluegreen Corporation in 1998.
  • 2004; developed The Blue Rose Condo/Hotel project in Orlando, Florida (selling over $350M the first six months of the grand opening)
    • Recognized by Governor Jeb Bush for receiving “Visionary Project of The Year Award” in 2006
  • Established sales satellite offices throughout the Central and South American regions, as well as in the five most important markets of the United States.
  • President of The Quorum Group of Companies, LLC (TQGOC), providing Real Estate Developments, Consulting, Advisory, Management and Leasing, due diligence support and analysis, Construction Management and Market Studies.
  • Also, providing acquisition, disposition and financing of triple net leases for both investment grade and unrated tenants.


  • Former RPOF/RNC Florida State Director of Faith Engagement (2012-2016)
  • Brought a movement within the Hispanic Evangelical and now crossed over to African American and Anglo Church
  • Bring awareness of their role as a church and a people to influence the elections.
    • Established faith team trained and equipped to succeed in the task
    • January 2008; Visit to Israel (by invitation from the Israeli Government) through Esperanza U.S.A.
    • Bring awareness to the World of all Current Events impacting Jews and Christians
    • Received “Ambassador of Good Will to Israel,”
      • Recognition certificate from the Government of Israel
    • Received her PhD in Missiology from Cela International University.
    • Broward & West Palm Beach Pastor’s Network
      • Represents over 2000 major ministries
    • Executive board member of Esperanza U.S.A. (Mujeres de Esperanza).
    • Treasurer for L.C.I. (two of the largest Hispanic Evangelical Organization in the United States)
    • Executive board member of F.A.I. (Frontier Alliance International)


  • Pioneer in launching faith and non-faith based organizations in the South Florida region:
    • Latin American Civitan Club in Miami-Dade
    • Miami Bethany Community Services & several others
  • Establish faith-based committees in the County Mayor’s office
  • Executive Director, her involvement and exposure in the community
  • 2008; Ran for County Commissioner in Miami-Dade County
  • Chairperson of the Miami Bethany Community Center
    • Holds annual Thanksgiving Celebration which feeds tens of thousands needy people in Miami-Dade County.
    • Christmas Toy drives for children annually
  • Helped place 1200+ homeless Katrina victims in homes in her Florida community
  • Board member of several political and faith-based national organizations as a Miami-based businesswoman and community advocate
  • Leading national ministry leader representing the Hispanic Community
  • Active member and Political Committee Advisor in the Association of Pastors of the Greater Miami representing over 700 major Hispanic ministries
  • Advocate to raise awareness Human Sexual Trafficking (special invitation from Mexico’s President Calderon)
    • Mobilizing “Dos Naciones Un Proyecto” (Two Nations One Project).
  • United with Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott on a Union against human trafficking criminals
  • U.N. General Assembly at the United Nations ECOSOC Chambers in New York City
    • Advocating for Christians and Jews martyred daily for their faith