Who We Are

UMS has a diverse team with experience from all over the world with backgrounds of technologists, real estate development, asset management, serial entrepreneurs and business professionals. We focus on building a professional but friendly and long lasting business relationship you can trust. We have a worldwide presence, particularly in Latin America, GCC Countries (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar), North and East Africa, Indian subcontinent, China and Western Europe.We can offer you a vast range of consulting and professional services – from creating a business strategy to brokering commodities from across the sea. We continue to broaden the range of our services as our team and skills expand. 


We are a registered agent of United Nations Global Marketplace which is used by 27 UN organizations to publish tenders. UMS serves owners and investors by working vigorously to create enduring value in the face of change. To fulfill that goal, the firm brings together the highest caliber talent that will contribute to successful investment in real estate finance, development, acquisition and disposition. The professional depth of UMS allows the pooling of skills and collective strengths to fully meet each challenge. The resulting team approach provides an innovative problem solving and checks-and-balance system which enables UMS and its officers to foster, maintain and expand relationships around the world.


Our Team

Beginning in 1984 with her real estate license and now working as a political advisor, Ms. Aguirre is a no nonsense & loving leader.

Lourdes Aguirre


Over 25 Years of experience in Real Estate Development, Asset/Property Management, Acquisition, Fund Management, & Commodity Trading

Milton Robinson 

Chief Operating Officer

With over 10 years in the marketing industry I have worked successfully with worldwide brands and local organizations to increase their exposure and bottom line.

Lucas Ferrer

Chief Information Officer

Professional in psychology specializing in Human Resources with diverse and extensive experience focusing on Coordination of projects and events.

Nubia Gaitan 

HR & Project Planner

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