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 Generating Growth Through Strategic Advantages

Deliberate Execution

Political Consulting

No matter your organization growth pattern, our turn-key consulting services are tailored to target your specific goals. Specializing in political affairs and financial consulting, UMS has the experience and resources available to maximize your investment and bring growth to your organization.

Accomplished & Calculated

Real Estate & Financial Consulting

We offer complete financial planning and analytics of your organization which include FP&A, Operations & Sales Finance, and Business Intelligence.  We have more than 30 years experience and can help establish financial planning from the ground up or restructure existing operation.

For Today & Tomorrow

Internet & Technology

In this ever evolving area, our strategies are based on up-to-date technological changes. We cover a broad area of technical specialties that are intended to strategically satisfy the goals of our international client base. Discover what technology UMS uses to keep our global clients growing.

Worldwide Connections

Commodities & Goods

We are international brokers of raw materials and dry bulk commodities. With a strong presence in the Middle East market, we have also expanded our presence across the globe by brokering transactions in countries like India, South Africa, Korea, Europe, Brazil, Africa and the United States.

Our Expertise

UMS support is always there for you!

UMS is a consulting company with more than 10 years experience operating internationally. We have a team of experts and specialists who were taught professionally and have secured their status of in their respective fields. 

Political Consulting
Business Consulting
Digital Marketing
App/Software Development

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